MOC-Caroline_LP-cover_05.inddEN ROUTE

Release date: 22.4.2013

‘En Route’ is the stunning debut album of young soulful French chanteuse Caroline Lacaze!
The mixture on “En Route” is eclectic: nonchalant 60s beat, mysterious psych-pop, raucous funk and longing French chanson, all combined and held together with the energetic raw soul sound and the skillful ‘mise-en-scene’ by the Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra.
Whether the mood is uplifting (“En Route Madame”), mysteriously sexy (“Minutes D’Insousciance”), melancholic (“Ici”), joyful (“Laisse Tomber”), sombre (“Je Reste”) or a shift up a gear from mere retro with a hot-rodded take on the Serge-Gainsbourg-penned Brigitte-Bardot-classic “Harley Davidson” from the swinging 60s, Caroline sings it with passion, energy and sincerity that is rarely heard of today.
Caroline Lacaze’s songs capture all the facets of an exciting voyage, the joy and pain of being away from home, leaping straight forward – with an occasional look in the rear-view mirror.

“The mixture of French singing and raw soul really works by gad. A match made in heaven.”
Emrys Baird, Blues & Soul Magazine, UK

“What a lovely piece of funk magic – that’s how soul in 2013 should sound like. Cool, powerful and with a twist.” Michael Arens, Soultrainonline, Germany

 “The French vocals provide a refreshing perspective and a nice touch…super-impressive backing” Imran Mirza, The Blue-in-Green-Blog

“A talent that is undeniable”
Colorising, Blog

“The French language vocals give it a feel unlike most new funk we’ve heard lately. Caroline’s got a greatly soulful voice”
Dusty Groove, Chicago, USA

“Caroline Lacaze records French retro soul that’s crunchy, deep, funky and growingly addictive!”
Julien Lakshmanan, Paris DJs

“Super cool release from the Mocambo lads. Loving their trademark heavy heavy grooves nicely topped with those so slinky tones from the French talent that is Caroline Lacaze.”
Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, BBC 6MUSIC

“Funk? Soul? Mod? Hard to categorize, but simply amazing what Miss Lacaze and the Mocambos deliver with `En Route´.”
Tobias Kirmayer, Tramp Records

“Solid french pop with an attitude – made in Germany! Caroline Lacaze’s voice switches easy from heavy sixties-tingend psyche soul to uptempo yéyé sound. Backed by the Mocambos under their new moniker Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra nothing can go wrong. Their sample-friendly pounding drumsound is pure delight! Love it!”
Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club