scenarios LPScénarios
A unique longplayer by Germany’s Funk champions The Mighty Mocambos: ‘Scénarios’ is a wild journey through iconic performances captured on 8-track tape, including celebrated versions of breakdance favourites like ‘Axel F.’ And ‘Let The Music Play’ as well as brand new original material composed especially for recordings in unusual settings.

Hamburg’s deep funk chefs are known for their intuitive recordings that capture the energy of a live performance, and with this record they go all the way.

Just before the pandemic, the group recorded an in-store live session at legendary Hamburg record shop Groove City and taped an impromptu performance at JAM PDM! breakdance battle in Potsdam. Both were released on vinyl 45s, quickly sold out and became secret weapons for DJs.

While most bands shifted their stage to the studio in 2020, producing an abundance of isolated lockdown-inspired material, the Mighty Mocambos – never shy of an antidote – took the mobile version of their recording studio on the road.

With no audience allowed at the Pitt Hopkins Music Session charity concert, the group used the occasion to compose meditative folk-soul instrumentals to be performed exclusively on stringed instruments. Sweaty funk does not work via video stream, but the format provided a welcome opportunity to create something entirely different. Even without electricity and drums, the cinematic “Four Two Three” and “Silent Heroes” are unmistakably recognizable as Mocambo themes.

When you follow Nina Simone’s credo that an “artist’s duty is to reflect the times”, it became evident that once the world slowly started opening up again, further concerts would be captured on the group’s portable Fostex R-8 tape machine. Luckily, restrictions fell on the very evening that the band hit the open air stage at the Import Export in Munich on September 11th 2021. The extended afrobeat-inspired jam on J.J. Cale’s “Carry On” witnesses people celebrating and dancing together again for the first time after a year and the manic “Munich Psycholympics” unleashes all bottled-up energies that had being lying dormant.

The slightly kafka-esque “Ghost Walk” was taped during a soundcheck for a concert that was eventually called off for safety reasons, reflecting once more the uncertainty of the time. The last scénario sees the Mighty Mocambos returning to a packed indoor venue, playing “Let The Music Play” to a audience of b-boys and -girls – a testament to the sheer power of music. Featured as an encore here, an acoustic version of “Where Do We Go From Here?” (originally recorded with Lee Fields) closes the record and its restless voyage through unusual recording situations.

“Scénarios” differs drastically from other live albums as it does not seek to replicate existing material from studio albums. All songs were written or arranged especially for the live recordings in order to combine the group’s DJ-friendly trademark sound with added vibes and momentum from the audience. Most of them were recorded while they were performed in public for the first time ever.

Comes in gatefold sleeve & includes download voucher.



In a world awash with negativity and fear, you are invited to climb aboard the Mocambo mothership where all colours and creeds are celebrated. ​The Mighty Mocambos​ have returned – stronger, tighter and hungrier than ever. Carrying blistering funk lines in their fingers and worldly influences in their hearts, the unique and distinctive Mocambo sound is not one to be confused with retro bands trying to recapture an era.

Eschewing traditional recording methods, this DIY crew are committed to driving forwards, and ​2066​ sees them at the height of their powers, broadcasting a call for unity.

After reaching new audiences worldwide and earning critical praise for their two long players on Brooklyn’s Big Crown Records in their tropical guise as ​Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band​, the band have reassembled and refocused in their original form, the workhorses behind dozens of 45s on the Mocambo label and beyond. Crossing generations, this album introduces some of the world’s youngest funk talent to step up and rub shoulders with soul and rap legends, soul sisters, an elder statesman composer/arranger and a brand new emerging artist out of New York.

As with all Mocambo releases, the two sides of the record have been meticulously sequenced by the band. Side A welcomes us aboard with joyous instrumental stomper ​Preaching To The Choir​, and a call to build bridges from Mocambo chanteuse and percussionist ​Nichola Richards​, duetting with emerging rap talent, NewYork MC​ JSwiss​.

B-girls and b-boys are called to the dancefloor as S​uperstrada ​and Concrete Stardust​ commence, all buzzing synth lines and relentless drums. New Jersey legend and Big Crown associate Mr ​Lee Fields​ is guest of honour for ​Where Do We Go From Here​ before a horn workout brings us to a close with ​Macumba.​ It’s time for a breather.

The B side kicks off with the grand return of the Golden Girl of Funk, ​Gizelle Smith,​ a sister who’s been busy taking on the world. Composer and presenter​ Peter Thomas​ narrates a ​Return To Space​ to mark the centenary of the debut of his score to sci-fi show Space Patrol, which first broadcast in 1966. We’re back down to Earth and the mean streets for the furious drums and car chase workout of ​Golden Shadow​. ​

Today​ slows down the pace for a reflective ballad with Nichola front and centre – and here’s the next generation: the ​Mocambo Kidz​ sing along to their parents’ instrumentation for ​Here We Go​, a new kids’ block party anthem… with no sleep ‘til bedtime. The album closer makes it clear that the Mocambos are nowhere near powering down as ​Ice T​ and ​Charlie​ F​unk​ bring their A-game for an old school attack which, since you’re up bouncing anyway, gives you no excuse not to flip the LP and drop the needle right back on to Side A. Onwards!

A summation of their journey so far and a celebration in anticipation of what’s to come, the album is set
to take its place in a legacy of open minded, organically recorded music, showering listeners with the crew’s maze of tantalising sounds pulled from funk, afro, hip hop with cinematic composition and storytelling.


A Modern LoveA Modern Love

DJ, producer, singer-songwriter, one-half of world-touring soul duo Myron & E (Stones Throw), founder of boogie outfit The Pendletons (Bastard Jazz), part of electro-funk duo Lucid Paradise, and an endless string of collabos. Over 2 decades in the game means multi-faceted artist Eric Boss knows his way around music. Having been there, done that, gotten the t-shirt and watched the fat lady sing, it’s finally time for E to take center stage and deliver his finest effort yet with solo record “A Modern Love”, an effervescent collection of raw funk, sweet soul, west coast vibes and classic hip hop, produced by Björn Wagner and Steffen Wagner (The Mighty Mocambos / Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band).

“A Modern Love” has all the ingredients of a future classic. High-profile guests? Check: with Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious) rapping on “I Wanna Ride”, a track with more bounce than a lowrider chevy on Santa Monica boulevard, and soul siren Gizelle Smith featuring on “Spiders”, a spooky number that will get you jumping out of your seat like you’ve been attacked by giant 8-legged arachnids.

Need some dancefloor action? “Get Next To You” gets down to serious bizniz with crisp drums and a catchy hook guaranteed to get the partystarted.

Something for lovers? We’ve got it covered with “Is It Love”, where Eric waxes lyrical about his sweetheart over a honey-drenched soul beat.

From reggae-flavored vibes being served in inspirational number “Your Life Is Up to You” to the slow-burning grooves of “Merry Jane” which features singer Ishtar, the 10 tunes on “A Modern Love” all attest to Eric Boss’ talent and versatility.

Judging by how quickly the limited edition 45 of album opener “Closer To The Spirit” sold out when it was released, it seems safe to say Eric Boss is a king Midas with the golden touch when it comes to providing fresh grooves for contemporary ears, and “A Modern Love” is set to prove so once again.



Release date: 27.03.2015

also available on Compact Disc by Légère Recordings and P-Vine Records, Japan.

The Mighty Mocambos’ new album “Showdown” sets another cornerstone in their prolific career as a globally active instrumental funk outfit. While maintaining their organic approach of recording real musicians live on tape, the group has refined their trademark sound with a dramatic edge, a hard hitting production and ventures into less obvious musical territories.

While highly enjoying themselves as the tight unit they are, The Mighty Mocambos invited an exciting list of guests to contribute to their musical “Showdown”: German film composer icon Peter Thomas, hiphop godfather Afrika Bambaataa, rap legends Charlie Funk aka Afrika Islan (member of the original Rocksteady Crew) and Donald D (of Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate), plus Nichola Richards, Shawn Lee, DeRobert from peer label GED Soul in Nashville, Zulu Nation MCs Deejay Snoop & DJ Hektek and organ genius Guillaume Metenier all joined the group for their new musical adventure.

With two highly successful albums under their belt as The Mighty Mocambos and a plethora of singles and music under different monikers such as the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, this new full-length is by no means the final battle, indeed the show has just begun. The album shows a group who is prepared to stand up with anyone in the game. Their guns are heavy beats, epic horns, dual guitars and outstanding compositions – and they are locked and loaded.
The Showdown theme also reflects our times, and the group continues to spread the vision of “peace, unity, love and having fun(k)” by choosing musical instrumenents as their weapons of choice.

The songs come along as coherent as they are diverse in nature. The old school discofied breakdance tune “It’s The Music” and the funked up Rolling Stones cover “Hot Stuff” were released as a vinyl singles before. Both were playlisted by the BBC and have become club favourites by DJs like Craig Charles. Both songs are from the ongoing collaboration with Afrika Bambaataa and Charlie Funk, this time they brought Hektek and Deejay Snoop with them for some chants and talkbox.
The epic opening track “Road To Earth” features the one and only Peter Thomas on piano and orchestral arrangements. Thomas wrote over 500 film scores, most widely known are his works for the 60s Sci-Fi series “Space Patrol”, “Chariot Of The Gods” or German cult crime series like “Edgar Wallace”.
“In The Dark” introduces young soul singer Nichola Richards with a fine piece of sister funk. Her personal showdown is love-related. “The Spell Of Ra-Orkon” is a sinister afro-funk inspired instrumental with a fantasy score chorus. “Political Power” unites Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk and Donald D for a bold statement against repression by politics and media. “Drifting Stars” is a take on Sixties sci-fi erotica instrumentals from an indie hiphop point of view.
“Not Get Caught” is DeRobert (of the DeRobert & the Half Truths) telling a story about committing a crime on a low down funk beat. Dee agruably has the most amazing soul voice of our generation, and it’s hard not to believe his showdown story. “Catfight” is an uptempo soulshaker with a mysterious Eastern flavour and a tripped out downtempo break, featuring well travelled multi-instrumentalist and tiger Shawn Lee on a variety of exotic string instruments. Cats have their showdown too.
“Locked And Loaded” is cowbell breaks at their best, another b-boy favourite for a one to one, while the title track was meant to combine spaghetti western and blaxploitation aesthetics with soul drums. It ended up sounding like the Mighty Mocambos with more trumpets, which it actually is, and which is brilliant.


MOC-Caroline_LP-cover_05.inddEN ROUTE

Release date: 22.4.2013

‘En Route’ is the stunning debut album of young soulful French chanteuse Caroline Lacaze!
The mixture on “En Route” is eclectic: nonchalant 60s beat, mysterious psych-pop, raucous funk and longing French chanson, all combined and held together with the energetic raw soul sound and the skillful ‘mise-en-scene’ by the Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra.
Whether the mood is uplifting (“En Route Madame”), mysteriously sexy (“Minutes D’Insousciance”), melancholic (“Ici”), joyful (“Laisse Tomber”), sombre (“Je Reste”) or a shift up a gear from mere retro with a hot-rodded take on the Serge-Gainsbourg-penned Brigitte-Bardot-classic “Harley Davidson” from the swinging 60s, Caroline sings it with passion, energy and sincerity that is rarely heard of today.
Caroline Lacaze’s songs capture all the facets of an exciting voyage, the joy and pain of being away from home, leaping straight forward – with an occasional look in the rear-view mirror.

“The mixture of French singing and raw soul really works by gad. A match made in heaven.”
Emrys Baird, Blues & Soul Magazine, UK

“What a lovely piece of funk magic – that’s how soul in 2013 should sound like. Cool, powerful and with a twist.” Michael Arens, Soultrainonline, Germany

 “The French vocals provide a refreshing perspective and a nice touch…super-impressive backing” Imran Mirza, The Blue-in-Green-Blog

“A talent that is undeniable”
Colorising, Blog

“The French language vocals give it a feel unlike most new funk we’ve heard lately. Caroline’s got a greatly soulful voice”
Dusty Groove, Chicago, USA

“Caroline Lacaze records French retro soul that’s crunchy, deep, funky and growingly addictive!”
Julien Lakshmanan, Paris DJs

“Super cool release from the Mocambo lads. Loving their trademark heavy heavy grooves nicely topped with those so slinky tones from the French talent that is Caroline Lacaze.”
Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, BBC 6MUSIC

“Funk? Soul? Mod? Hard to categorize, but simply amazing what Miss Lacaze and the Mocambos deliver with `En Route´.”
Tobias Kirmayer, Tramp Records

“Solid french pop with an attitude – made in Germany! Caroline Lacaze’s voice switches easy from heavy sixties-tingend psyche soul to uptempo yéyé sound. Backed by the Mocambos under their new moniker Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra nothing can go wrong. Their sample-friendly pounding drumsound is pure delight! Love it!”
Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club



Release date: 30.4.2012 SOLD OUT!

Mocambo records is very proud to present the original vinyl edition of long-anticipated second album by THE IMPELLERS ‘This Is Not A Drill’. The Impellers are a 10-piece heavy soul and funk powerhouse with strong original material. This new album brings together influences including heavy soul, deep funk, latin and afrobeats, hip hop production, all topped by the gritty vocals of lead singer ‘Lady’ Clair Witcher.

The Impellers first full album “Robot Legs” was released on UK independent label Freestyle Records and featured a guest appearance from DJ and latin percussion legend Snowboy. Since its release in 2009, the band have been busy touring across the UK, Netherlands, Spain, France and elsewhere. They have shared stages with some of the finest funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz and scratch DJ talent from around the world.

The vinyl edition of the LP features a heavy old-style cardboard sleeve (free of barcodes and weblinks) and includes a download code for the entire album in full AIFF quality, plus bonus tracks such as funk re-version of the instantly recognisable “That’s Not My Name” by The Ting Tings.

This is NOT a drill – This is 100% REAL!



Release date: 4.10.2011

After almost twenty 45s under various pseudonyms, their thrilling and hugely successful debut album with London based singer Gizelle Smith and a tour with concerts throughout Europe, Germany’s most prolific deep funk formation is ready to step further into the spotlight on their second longplayer.

The aptly titled THE FUTURE IS HERE sees the group explore new territories with features by hiphop legends Afrika Bambaataa and Charlie Funk, fresh French singer Caroline Lacaze and German rare groove queen Su Kramer, while manifesting their unique raw funk sound and refining their unmistakable instrumental style that has long gained international reputation.

Features old-style heavy cardboard sleeve, free of barcodes and weblinks and includes a coupon for free full quality AIFF download of the entire album.


DRS_LP_Cover_RZ_neu_26022010.inddIN THE BAG

Release date: 3.5.2010 SOLD OUT!

Mocambo Records strikes back with a new full length, ltd. edition, vinyl-only album by the Delta Rhythm Section – any rare groove lover’s dream-come-true.
The obscure group is one of the last and best kept secrets of the deep funk movement.
In the past years, the Vinylizor production team of Gary Crockett, Jay & Dominic Glover has produced true deep funk treasures with the crème of the London Funk scene.
Band members from the James Taylor Quartet, the New Mastersounds, Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai, the Sound Stylistics, Incognito & percussionist Snowboy all contributed to the legendary sessions that went into archives but never saw the light of a commercial release.
After having released two tremendously successful 45s of the group, the now mega rare “Funkin Fever” and “Nassau Strut”, Mocambo Records reveals 12 more unreleased tracks.
But it is not just about the rareness of these recordings, it’s about the pure musical passion and vibe that lives in every second of this album.
From the killer jazz funk of “Get It On” (used in a Musicload TV commercial), psychedelic grooves of “The Trip” through heavy soul instrumentals as “Hot Fudge”, raw funk bangers as “Uptown Strut” to the latin soul of “Homecookin’”, the 12 tracks make up the must have album of 2010 for every deep funk connaisseur on the planet.
Better forget the clones: this is serious break-heavy, creative, danceable & raw funky sound that will leave you breathless and redefine the genre soul-jazz in just 36 minutes.
Beautifully manufactured high-quality vinyl. Barcode-free-old-style jacket.



Release date: 31.8.2009 SOLD OUT!

available on CD (Légère Recordings, Soulbeats Records France, CCRE Japan)

“Strong album – packs a serious punch”
Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, BBC 6 Music

“A breath of fresh air”
Keb Darge

“Really amazing stuff, full of killers”
Nick / Record Kicks

“Definitely recommended”
Peter Wermelinger, Funky & Groovy Music Records Lexicon

“What a fantastic album – this is proper funk”
Tobias Kirmayer, Tramp Records

Ever since their first collaboration on the “Mocambo Funk Forty Fives” compilation, things have gained momentum for the “Golden Girl of Funk” and the much respected Hamburg-based label and live band. Their first single “Working Woman” became an overnight smash and a prime-time club favourite of funk & soul DJs from all over the world. Initially released on the Finnish private press label Old Capital, producer legend and Grammy nominee Kenny Dope (Masters at Work, Bucketheads) picked up and remixed the song for his own label Kay Dee Records.

Gizelle Smith & Mocambo now step up with a full-length album of bonafide sister funk.
In the days of digital recording and Pro Tools editing, they show true exception to modern techniques and create their highly regarded, unique and raw soul sound, by making use of simple dynamic microphones and reel-to-reel tape machines.
In a genre which is often littered with overused clichés of the past, the charismatic Gizelle Smith adds a lot of her own flavour rather than slavishly copying icons of bygone decades. The result is a refreshing alternative to post-millenium plastic pop without being a mere retro rip-off.

From the heavy and determined “Gonna Get You” to vulnerable, gospel-tinged laments such as “Coffee High”, the album is just as deeply rooted in the music from the golden era of soul as it is a modern masterpiece in its own right.
Blazing horns, soulful guitars, driving drums and basslines combined with Gizelle’s gripping and powerful voice all weave together to create a long player that is varied and coherent at the same time.



Release date: 26.6.2009 SOLD OUT!

Limited Edition – Vinyl Only Album

Mocambo is notorious for their killer Funk 45s that have become a favourite of prestigious DJs, ambitious collectors and music lovers worldwide. While the first label compilation sported the highlights of their first, sold-out vinyl 7“ releases, this sampler is a fine selection of new & previously unreleased material. Most of the tracks were originally composed for use in movie and television film scores and not for commercial release. Mocambo is very proud to offer these gems to connaisseurs and true vinyl lovers.

As the title „Cinematic Funk“ suggests, the music has more to it than just the usual 45 sound. From the grand opening theme, to quirky, heavy street soul, sweet love themes, moody downtempo jazz, psychedelic B-movie sitar grooves, chilled and spaced out tunes to blaxploitation car chase sceneries, the cream of Europe’s funk bands like James Taylor Quartet, Speedometer, Sound Stylistics, Delta Rhythm Section and the Mighty Mocambos deliver a broad variety of film-inspired funk styles.

Sit back, relax, listen to these hip sounds and create your own movie in your head to the score of Mocambo’s CINEMATIC FUNK.

The album’s artwork is free of rubbish like barcodes or web-/email-addresses.