Big Crown Records (USA) :: BC 004 :: BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND

bacao-rhythm-and-steel-band-love-like-this-45Love Like This b/w Was Dog A Doughnut

From Big Crown Records:
“With their highly anticipated debut full length “55” hitting in early May, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band hits us with another killer two sider 7″ sure to be in every DJ’s box. The A side is an incredibly catchy cover of Faith Evan’s smash hit “Love Like This”. Instantly recognizable from the first note they work their way through the tune in proper BRSB fashion. Advance “Test Press” copies were sent to tastemaker DJs across the globe, the results have all been the same. This one is a dance floor killer and has crowds captivated and curious. The B side is a gritty punchy interpretation of the classic Cat Stevens tune “Dog Was A Doughnut”. BRSB really pushing the genre envelope with this one, using steel pans on an otherwise dark electro backdrop sprinkled with killer open drum breaks.”

Plane Jane (USA) :: PJ 004 :: BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND

plane jane jungle feverJungle Fever b/w Tender Trap

First pressing on Plane Jane Records.
“Tender Trap is a hard hitting number starting off with touch of Dilla and changing into a BRSB sureshot. The B Side is a killer cover of the Chakackas classic dance floor number “Jungle Fever” This is a limited pressing on Plane Jane. The BRSB full length “55” will be out next year on Big Crown Records.”

Reissued on Big Crown Records.



Exclusive vinyl edition of this remix, with original version on the flipside pressed from original Mocambo Records stamper. A.Skillz and Stickybuds team up for the first time on this version of Its The Music, producing a club twist on a Mocambo funk classic.

Légère (Germany) :: LEGO094 :: THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS with DEROBERT

LEGERE LEGO 094 Not Get CaughtNot Get Caught b/w Never Get Caught (instrumental)

Limited edition 45 release on Légère Recordings. ‚Not Get Caught‘ is a standout tune from the longplayer SHOWDOWN featuring the vocals of the great DeRobert (from GED Soul, Nashville). Not Get Caught tells the story about committing a crime on a low down funk beat.The instrumental B-side ‚Never Get Caught‘ is exclusively available in this format.

Truth And Soul (USA) :: TS-063 :: BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND

TS063P.I.M.P. b/w Laventille Road March

Official re-release of the infamous PIMP on Truth & Soul Records.

“Truth & Soul is proud to present the first Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band single on our imprint. Following up on the smashing success of their “Bacao Suave” b/w “Round & Round” 45 on Plane Jane, we bring you “PIMP” b/w “Laventille Road March”. Back in 2008 BRSB released it’s smashing cover of 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. which was long thought to be the original sample for the tune. The Mocambo pressing already hard to come by and fetching top dollar on the internet has become an underground classic. On Side A BRSB treat the tune to their signature smashing drums and bass heavy production, taking the original loop and turning it into a full composition. Brass and steel pan parts putting it somewhere between reggae, steel funk, and the Superfly Soundtrack. Side B is the first BRSB original making it’s way to vinyl, “Laventille Road March” hits hard. The heavy drumming, open breaks, and pan melodies make this a sureshot for DJs and listeners alike.”



hotstuffHot Stuff b/w Version

An outstanding 45 from the ongoing killer collaboration of the Mighty Mocambos and Afrika Bambaataa, who deliver surprising cover version of Rolling Stones’ moderately successful single HOT STUFF (from the 1976 album ‘Black & Blue’).
While the Jagger/Richards-penned original vaguely flirts with the disco-funk sound of the era, the rework outfunks it in true and inventive mocambo style, bringing the song closer to its intial inspiration and stretching it further out into a banging street funk jam. Afrika Bambaataa makes you wonder who the funk Mick Jagger is, and fellow Zulu Nation members Charlie Funk and Deejay Snoop top it all up with P-Funk-style vocals and talkbox. The jam continues on the flip side with an exclusive part 2 including more beats, breaks and helium voices.

Truth And Soul (USA) :: TS-064 :: LEE FIELDS

TS064-45-A-SIDE-DIGITAL-ART-copy-2-480x480Just Can’t Win

Official Truth & Soul release feat. the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band’s re-version of Lee Fields “Just Can’t Win”.

“Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band lend their unique blend of steel drum melody and pounding drums to Lee’s unmistakeable raspy tone giving the tune an upbeat sunshiney vibe.”


Plane Jane (USA) :: PJ 002 :: BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND

Bacao Suave b/w Round and Round

plane jane pj 002“Plane Jane Records is proud to present The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band’s newest 45 release. The BRSB made a ton of noise with their cult classic cover of 50 Cent’s “PIMP” a few years back, most people thinking that it was the original tune 50 sampled from. This time they take the Steel Drum Funk sound to a deeper part of Hip Hop with their own rendition on the late great J Dilla’s classic tune “Rico Suave”. The A Side is “Bacao Suave”, a surefire version of the tune, and you know we like versions. DJs, have a great time. The B Side is their rendition of the underground classic “Round & Round” from Hi Tek’s Hi-Teknology album. An absolutely killer version of the tune, drums are heavy, steel pans playing thru the melodies, sure to turn heads on the dance floor.”

Tramp Records (Germany) :: TR 1033 :: THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS with CAROLINE LACAZE

tr1033_pressPhysique b/w A Brighter Darkness

The title ‘Physique’ featuring French soul singer Caroline Lacaze was one of the stand-out tunes of the Mighty Mocambos album ‘The Future Is Here’ and a primetime club favourite for the Tramp Records crew. It was only a matter of time when this gem of French Funk would see the light as a 45 release. We gladly gave Tobias Kirmayer permission to release it on his exquisite label. On the flipside is the sinister downtempo soul instrumental ‘A Brighter Darkness’, also from the album ‘The Future is Here’, making this the 5th (!) and final 7″ release off the album. Both tracks come remastered for this 45.

Big Single (France) :: BIGS1015 :: THE DYNAMICS

money_dnmx_01For The Love Of Money (Mocambo Tropical Re-Version)

This maxi single features a Mocambo remix of the Dynamics’ cover of the well-known O’Jays’ tune. Recorded live in true tropical style with steel pans (American: steel drums), the funk classic gets a complete Caribbean make-over. The result is a sinister piece of steel funk calypso that would not sound out of place in a dancehall selection. It’s Mocambo’s first appearance on a 12″ single and their first “remix” for another artist.